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Camale​ó​n feat. Frank Nino

by Los Rakas

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August 1st - Oakland, CA: Los Rakas return from two sold-out shows in Colombia and Chile this past weekend. Newly inspired by the overwhelming welcome they received, the Panamanian-born duo decided to put out the track, Camaleón. The track was produced by Colombian producer Myztiko.

This isn't the first time the group has been inspired by Panamanian icon, Rubén Blades. 2011's 'Cueria' also sampled his 'Pedro Navaja' - you can watch the mini-film here. This time around, the topic turns to the special lizard which changes colors to adapt (or in this case, hide) from its surroundings - the Chameleon. Off Blades' 1991 album 'Caminando,' his song 'Cameleon' serves as both inspiration and warning:

Ten cuidao con el Camaleón!
Aunque te enseñe la cara, no te muestra el corazón.

Be careful with the Chameleon.
While it will show you its' face, it won't show you its' heart.


Que lo que pasa camaleón,
What's happening Chameleon,

Calma la envidia que me tienes.
Calm down your envy

Aunque tu cambies de color,
Although you change colors

Yo siempre se por donde vienes.
I always know where your coming from

Dime lo que pasa camaleón.
Tell me what's up chameleon

Calma la envidia que me tienes.
Calm down your envy

Aunque tu cambies de color
Before you change colors

Yo siempre se por donde vienes.
I always know where your coming from

First Verse:
No me gusta mucho el problema
I don't like problems

Pero tengo algo serio para ese tema.
But I have something serious for this topic

se la pasan con la celadera,
Spending time being jealous.

y despues andan llenandose los ojos con la boca llena.
And then walking around filling your eyes (starring) like a full stomach.

Lapecillo yo no toy pa esto.
Kid I dont have time for that

Tas molesto porque yo tengo peso.
Your mad because I carry weight

Mientras tanto tu nada echo,y
And meanwhile you've done nothing &

yo sobre salgo como una mujer con un pecho.
I stand out like a women's chest

yeah, se que a mi me tienes rabia.
Yeah, I know you hatin'

y esa Malamana se contagia y como magia,
& that bad Habbit is contagious, like magic

Tu piel va cambiando de color igualito como a un, camaleón.
Your skin changes colors the same as a chameleon


Second Verse:
Na de lo que tu me dice me afecta,
Nothing you say effects me

Cadena perpetua.
Continuos fire

Merecen manes como tu que nunca respetan
Deserving, Men like you never respect

Yo vine puse mi tiempo y fue fino,
I came put up my time & was great

Ahora tengo mucho enemigos.
Now I have a lot of enemies

Hasta mi vecino, habla mal de mi con su vecino.
Even my neighbor talks bad about me with his neighbor

Creen como si fuera su marido,
Thinking like Im their husband

Y nada yo les pido.
I don't ask them for anything

Pero que me apoyen como hijo,
But to support me like a son

Y siempre me forman un remolinó.
And they always stirring trouble.

Tu corriente no me arastra porque no soy camarón.
Your current doesn't hold me down because I'm not a shrimp.

Y con asuelo chico no se pesca tiburon.
And kid with string you don't catch sharks

Ustedes para mi son pura webason,
Yall to me are a pure joke

Con ganas que le meta un garnaton.
That make me want to slap you


Dime lo que pasa lo que pasa camaleón,
Tell me whats happening, what's happening chameleon

Dime que te pasa que te pasa camaleón,
Tell me what's wrong, what's wrong chameleon

Dime que lo que hiciste camaleón,
Tell me what you did chameleon

Porque tu nacistes como camaleón.
Because you were born a chameleon

Dime lo que pasa lo que pasa camaleón,
Dime que te pasa que te pasa camaleón,
Dime lo que hiciste camaleón,
Porque tu nacistes como camaleón.


released August 1, 2013


all rights reserved



Los Rakas Oakland, California

Los Rakas was born in the youth centers of Oakland, CA in 2006.  This duo are of Panamanian descent and raised in both cultures. 
Los Rakas are known for rocking any party - from youth events to world wide festivals, they hype the crowd and get the party all the way live!   What is a raka?  a person who is proud of who they are.
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